Publiée le Jan 19, 2018

Biker accessoire Vetement Casque Moto St-Eustache

Do not forget to visit us at Daytona Beach - Bike Week. Here is the date: Friday 9th of March until the 18th. Our Booth ready to welcome you with the latest items for Bikers. Official visit to our virtual store for more detail is a must.
Throughout the 1970s and 80s Bikerstockhouse had gained quite a considerable reputation for combining the functionality of Bikerswear with the styling of street level fashion for motocycles and were one of the first Bikerswear brands to feature their logo prominently on the outside of all of its garments. During the mid 1980s when Bikerstockhouse really started to come into the for front of sportswear design, French fashion designer Jean-Claude Clotier de Tosques worked with Biker Stock House. This was one of the earliest collaborations between a Bikerstockhouse company and a fashion designer. Bikerstockhouse will be exposing its full collection collection at the Daytona Beach Biker
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